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All About Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Posted on Jun, 13 2012

All About Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants provides Certified Ethical Hacker course that is becoming more important in determining the skills and qualifications of penetration testers or ethical hackers. Organizations usually employ the services of trusted ethical hackers to try penetrating their computer systems and networks by applying the same methods that black-hat hackers use. This helps in identifying vulnerabilities and making necessary corrections.

CEH certification proves that an ethical hacker’s skills have been tested and approved. It shows the penetration tester knows the various tools that unauthorized hackers use and the relevant skills required to use them.

The need for skilled professionals in the IT industry is even more important in the present world where information security is a major concern. Hacker activities have proved costly for many companies and the situation is made worse by the dented reputation they leave behind.

The EC-Council uses the certification to ensure penetration testers have the latest and most advanced techniques needed to defend against security breaches and cyber crime. The program tests on advanced hacking skills necessary in identifying potential threats and prevent them before they have an adverse impact.

Different professionals can benefit from CEH training, including:

• Site administrators

• Auditors

• Security officers

• Security professionals

The program is also ideal for anyone interested in enterprise security and network integrity.

What Does the Exam Cover?

CEH test examines students on a wide variety of subjects, including:

• Identifying attack signatures

• Interpreting identify exploits

• Recommending countermeasures.

To pass the test, the students must have a good understanding of standard penetration testing procedures and the main tools used. The test is made up of 150 questions picked at random from the questions received from the security community. The questions must be completed within four hours.

The students must get at least 70 percent to receive the certification although many institutions require higher pass marks.

Students normally take the certification test after being trained at an Accredited Training Center (ATC). They may alternatively choose to study on their own, in which case they must provide proof of experience of at least two years in information security work.

Top Accredited Training Centers are recognized annually by receiving the coveted ATC of the Year Award. This is the highest distinction that hacker training institutions aim for.

The CEH program requires creative thinking. It helps organizations secure their information assets by adopting the “defense in depth” approach. This involves penetrating their own networks and assessing for exposure and vulnerabilities, something they cannot achieve by using conventional security audits. It is the CEH course that equips them with relevant preemptive measures to protect themselves against malicious attacks.